Permaculture Training of Teachers – international course with Tomas Remiarz

(Pozvánka v češtině je v tomto odkaze)

November 19 – 24th 2024 in Prague, Czech Republic

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The Training of Teachers has a long tradition in permaculture education and this course is suitable for anyone teaching, or interested in teaching permaculture or other related topics. This is a second international teacher training course in Czech Republic, and first one with Tomas Remiarz, who comes to visit and teach here regularly. Tomas has over 25 years experience of teaching permaculture across Europe. In that time he has learned from and worked with many other great educators such as Rosemary Morrow, Starhawk and Graham Bell. We set up this course with the intention of enabling more people to share permaculture with the world.

Target group

This course is suitable for anyone interested in teaching permaculture and/or other related topics. The aim of the course is to enable people to deliver permaculture courses, however the subjects and techniques covered will also be useful in teaching other subjects. While permaculture topics will be used to practice teaching, this course is NOT a design course, people should ideally have completed a full PDC before (Permaculture Design Course). You will not be taught permaculture on this course – rather you will have a chance to try out teaching it yourself. Each participant will have at least two opportunities for teaching a 20-minute slot, one individually and one in pairs or small groups.


This international course will be taught in English and (if necessary) all taught sessions will be translated into Czech/Slovak. Student contributions will be translated into English when necessary. This means it is suitable for people without knowledge of English, and also it is suitable for not Czech/Slovak speakers.

The method and extent of translation will depend on the situation and the number of people needing it. Micro-teaching sessions delivered in Czech or Slovak will not usually need translating, but feedback from them will. Translation will sometimes slow down presentations and discussions. That is usually a good thing, as it gives everybody more time to gather their thoughts, and encourages people to be succinct!

Teacher of this course is Tomas Remiarz, with assistance of Katka Horackova and Denisa Tomaskova.

Content of the course :

  • Ethics, principles and patterns of teaching and learning
  • Course formats appropriate to different audiences and subjects
  • Learning goals and Learning needs assessment
  • Designing programmes for short and long courses
  • Session planning and preparation
  • Micro-teach sessions
  • Practical sessions and tours
  • Course teams and preparation
  • Publicity and marketing
  • Budgets
  • People care during courses
  • Working with officials

After this course you will be able to :

  • Find niches for your skills and background in transmitting permaculture ideas, as part of effective teaching teams
  • Identify learners’ needs and develop ways of accommodating them
  • Develop short/long course programmes for various audiences and at different levels
  • Create imaginative and realistic lesson plans
  • Lead and facilitate sessions using a variety of teaching tools and methods
  • Produce inspiring teaching material
  • Give constructive feedback to your peers and learners
  • Understand the responsibilities of a teacher
  • Publicise courses in print and online
  • Identify local/national education providers and develop strategies of working with them

Venue: Toulcuv dvur is a historic city farm with 8ha of land consisting of farmland, pastures, wetland and extensive orchard. It is situated in the SE suburbs of Praugue and surrounded by high block of flats. After it was renovated in 1990s, the venue serves many purposes – environmental education, forest kindergarden, mothers’ club, hippotherapy, pottery workshop, garden centre and social enterprise. Recently it was given an Adapterra award for rain water treatment project.

Course cost :

  • 400 Euro (10000 Kč) before April 1st 2024 – EARLY BIRD PRICE
  • 440 Euro (11000 Kč) before June 1st 2024 – REGULAR FEE
  • 500 Euro (12500 Kč) before August 1st 2024 – LATE BOOKING

Accomodation is booked in the venue in 3-4 bed rooms ( and you can arrange and pay it individually.
Food can be arranged vegetarian/vegan at the venue as well. We will inform participants, once they apply.



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  Zpět na kalendář


Lis 19 - 24 2024


8:00 - 18:00


10 000,00Kč

Více info


Místo konání

Toulcův Dvůr
Kubatova 32/1, 102 00, Praha 15 - Hostivař
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Akademie permakultury CZ
+420 604 414 901