About the Czech national Permaculture Association Permakultura (CS)

The mission of Permakultura (CS) – founded in 1996 – is to bring the principles of permaculture into practice. We do this by observing, analyzing and designing permaculture systems and techniques in the local conditions. Our activities are educational and networking. We organize lectures, conferences, courses and practical workshops for wide public, and we issue publications on topics of permaculture design and sustainability.

Every year in November we organise a Permaculture conference in Prague. The weekend programme is filled with presentations, discussion, networking and experience sharing, seed-exchange and celebration. Since 2012 the number of atendees has gradually grown up to around 100.

In 2020 we had to call off the conference at the last moment, and in 2021 we we able to hold it as a LIVE event with ONLINE option for about 150 people. The presentations of the Conference are now free to watch on our youtube channel. In 2022 we kept the hybrid setting and had over 100 people in the hall and other 80 watching online.

We have created a Czech Network and Map of Demonstration Permaculture Sites (similar to the British LAND), which you can find here : https://novy.permakulturacs.cz/projekty/

The network is similar to the British LAND and was inspired there 🙂 The Czech network started in 2013 and to this day has over 60 projects of various size and kind (school gardens, nurseries, educational centers, small family farms, urban projects, intentional communities…). We apply basic criteria for any project which applies for inclusion in the network: to have a connection with food growing, willingness to share skills and relevant information with other permaculture projects, receive volunteers and visitors at the site. We use a complex questionnaire with about 100 questions on various aspects of the project: garden and growing, buildings, flows of energy, use of local resources, connection to local community, education. Every year we get contacted by more interested people to be a part of this network. The certification visit is more of a freindly stroll and talk with at least 2 people who attened a PDC course. They fill in the questionnaire with the hosts, make photographs and write a report for the website.

There are two cathegories of the projects: A) demonstration permaculture sites (red icons on map) and B) sites with permaculture elements (orange icons on map) – these venues are in the process of being fully representative and are already worth visiting. During the November Permaculture Conference we call in a Day of the Permaculture Demonstration Sites and celebrate 🙂 ! The whole project is running without any funding and is based on volunteer work.


For teaching purposes we have founded the Academy of Permaculture in 2014, and run full PDC (permaculture design certificate) courses, several IPC (introduction to permaculture courses) and some advanced courses every year.

We have renewed Permaculture Diploma pathway – structure and support for getting the DAPD (diploma of applied permaculture design), together with Permakultura Slovakia (Slovakian permaculture association).

Every year we organize one or two international courses or workshops in English. For more information about our international events, please contact us at courses@permakulturacs.cz.

Courses in English we organised so far:

  • 2015 – PDC permaculture design certificate, 2 weeks residential course in Slunakov ecocentre – teacher Tomas Remiarz and co-teachers
  • 2016 – Introduction to permaculture, weekend residential course in Merboltice – Katka Horackova
  • 2016 – Teachers course on permaculture, 5 day advanced course in Prague – George Sobol
  • 2017 – Introduction to permaculture, weekend residential course in Merboltice – Katka Horackova
  • 2017 – Forest garden in practice, 5 day residential course in Merboltice – Tomas Remiarz
  • 2018 – Introduction to permaculture, weekend residential course in Merboltice – Katka Horackova
  • 2019 – Introduction to permaculture, weekend residential course in Merboltice – Katka Horackova
  • 2019 – Changing the urban landscape with forest gardens, 5 day residential course in Prague – Tomas Remiarz